The name – WOWParadox, The name itself is the dilemma I face by going against WoW addon hosting sites like Curse Gaming, WoWInterface, etc. By building a program that clearly goes against there wishes, to help them as well as the addon authors, and the WoW community.

The mission – Create a addon updater that appease all parties involved

Other – WOWParadox is in no way affiliated or apart of WoWMatrix, they dug there grave and should lay in it.
While I won’t go into detail about WOWParadox’s ability to work while WoWMatrix has been crippled. I do wanted to share the progression of the program and get feed back of features things people want to see aswell as getting rid of useless stuff.

Post Release – With everything stated I plan on putting together a presentation pointing out what I did to appease everyone and meeting some sort of middle ground. This will be sent after everything is complete and hopefully will get approvel.


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